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Temperature Alert

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Temperature Alert Description
www.dataq.com  2  330-668-1444
Temperature Alert is an affordable, local area network (LAN)-based device for real time monitoring of temperature, or temperature and
Temperature Alert provides all the features you’d expect from much more costly solutions. It includes both a WiFi radio and a hard wired
Ethernet interface to connect to your LAN. Once connected its built-in web server gives you access to all of the product’s features.
You can set alarm levels on a channel-by-channel basis; program SMTP parameters to report real time alarms, data and status to any email
address; retrieve a text file and XML feed for manual or programmatic access to historical data. Preference settings allow you to configure temperature reporting in °F or °C. Set your time zone to report time and date stamps in local time, and specify an NTP time server to
keep Temperature Alert precisely synced to Internet-based time servers. Multiple Temperature Alerts may be deployed and individually
named for your application (“Freezer Room”, “Archive Warehouse”, etc.), and access to them can be strictly controlled with user names
and passwords. Full-featured LAN interface flexibility is built in, so Temperature Alert easily adapts to the most basic and most complex
network configurations.
Temperature Alert is provided with an AC adaptor power supply and one temperature probe, or a temperature and humidity probe (6 ft,
1.8 m) depending upon the model selected. A selection of optional temperature and humidity probe configurations is also available.